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Counseling Services

Financial Assistance Options for Services

For individuals or families experiencing financial hardship, there are several options available to ensure you can begin your counseling journey without stress.

  • Cash Pay by Provider Level
  • Reduced Fee Services (or "Sliding Scale")
  • COVID-19 Hardship Program

Cash Pay by Provider Level

Regardless of your circumstances, you can choose to be a cash pay client with any one of our mental health professionals for their standard rates:

  • Masters-Level Practicum Students = $50 / Initial Visit + $25 / Follow Up Visits
  • Midlevel Providers (LMFT-A, LMSW, LPC-A) = $100 / Initial + $75 / Follow Up Visits
  • Clinical Therapist (LCSW, LMFT, and LPC) = $150 / Initial Visit + $125 / Follow Up Visits​

As a Cash Pay client, there are no requirements to take advantage of these plans.  If interested, simply select the service-level provider you are interested in seeing when you complete your New Client Forms.  This program may be a positive choice for those who are not interested in completing the Financial Assistance Plan, those worried about being able to qualify, or others who may not have mental health coverage.

Reduced Fee Services (or "Sliding Scale")

Our Reduced Fee Services (which many people refer to as "Sliding Scale Services") allows individuals to receive services adjusted to their income based on the Federal Poverty Guidelines.  Individuals who are interested can either complete the PDF version of the form below OR be prepared to enter financial information when completing the New Client Forms.

  • Proof of income will have to be provided in addition to the form before any adjustment in fees can be approved.
  • Eligibility for discounts is based on income and family size and no other factors (e.g., assets, insurance status, participation in the Health Insurance Marketplace, citizenship, population type).
  • Reduction in fees are from our cash pay rates is from our Cash Pay Rates of $150/Initial Assessment and $125/Follow Up Sessions and is based on the Federal Poverty Guidelines.
  • We are able to offer these discounts through an increased network of in-house providers, including Masters-Level Practicum Students; mid-level providers of LMFT-Associates, LMSWs in Clinical Supervision, LPC-Interns; and our Fully Licensed LCSW, LMFT, and LPC Therapists.

Any reduction in fees would mean that we could NOT utilize your insurance as it would be on a cash-pay basis only.  When utilizing health insurance for your services, we are obligated to charge the full amount of your copay or deductible per our contract with your insurance company.

COVID-19 Hardship Program

Individuals who may have been laid off, furloughed, lost medical coverage, or had hours reduced due to COVID-19 are eligible to receive counseling services for free through May 2021. To qualify, be prepared to upload proof of hardship when completing ​the New Client Forms or send this information separately to

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